Born in 1986, I grew up in Northern California where my parents gifted me with a formative palette of music, national parks, critters, and the richness of their personal experiences. I moved to Arizona in high school and became a mother to a brilliant son in 2003. I found art later than some at the age of 23.

I received a BFA in painting from Arizona State University in 2014.

I worked as an illustrator in the EdTech industry for the next 7 years.

In 2021, with much anticipation, I left my job to paint again. Presently, I am working in my home studio in Phoenix along side my son, Raine, my almost husband, Orion, our dog, Cricket, and the most beloved cat, Popo.


The first large paintings I made this year were of family memories. Images of histories I have been told over and over by my mother since I was a child. Spending time inside these paintings has been a way to connect with myself and with relatives I didn't get to spend enough time with. It's also lead me to what inspires me and at the moment and that sits somewhere in the midcentury, the west, and in the untold stories of fleeting human moments. For now, I am exploring narrative portraiture and looking for ways to articulate meaning in the contemporary art space.